1 Million Dollar Point !

topic posted Thu, May 17, 2012 - 2:11 AM by  Nathanael
I ve been working on sexual transformation for quite some time, because I just felt weak after each ejaculation.
I red some books of Tao Maters like Mantak Chia and also attended a workshop of Him.

I was once able to have this experience of injaculation, during the workshop.
Tremedous joy and energy going up the spine.

And yet it s not easy to reap it, specially without partner.
Some people are able to delay the ejakulation for some time, but then sooner or later
it overpowers them and they have to ejaulate. But this is not s just delayed.

So I thought, the easy way is to just press the 1 Million Dollar point, until I found out, than it s only
pushes back the sperm into the bladders and later during urinating leaves the body.
Which I can agree with, because you still feel weak afterwards.

So to press the real Million Dollar point, you have to understand the anatomie first.
If you see the picture of the gentails, you can see, that it is almost impossible to
block the ejaculating channel,( which goes throungh the prostata, )from outside.

Some Taoists advice to press the point with you finger through the anus.
I ve tried it ! Once it seemed to work, than again, I missed it, and I had to ejaculate.

Anybody knows about this methode ?

And how do all other men can handle that tremedous wast of energy, just ejaculating all the time without getting weak ?
I feel really lazy for some days afterwards ....
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    Sat, May 19, 2012 - 8:03 AM
    You are quite the fearless explorer!

    Me? My opinion? I do not recommend that you invest any effort in working with the ‘million dollar point. None.

    Think of it this way. You have a town with a harbor and two ferries comes in every day. Each ferry is full of cars, and the ferries drop the cars off, and never take any cars away. Where are the cars going to go? There are two choices – there is a big highway, well traveled, with lots of signs, and then there is an unmarked, narrow, windy, really really steep road that goes into the mountains – its not on any road map. The highway does have an expensive toll.

    Where do the cars go? They take the highway. And they pay the toll.

    What happens if you block the highway? Chaos! And you’ll wind up with a big traffic accident and traffic jam on the mountain road.

    The highway is the lower gate – the route out through your penis. The ferries (your testes) bringing cars (making sperm) every day. One ejaculation is 50,000 cars.

    The million dollar point is ‘blocking the highway.’ Your question is ‘where is the best place to block the highway?”

    Running your microcosmic orbit is widening and improving the mountain road. Extra lanes. Street lights. Testicle breathing (unaroused practice) is putting road signs and rest stops on the mountain road. The big draw (unaroused) is having the police practice directing traffic up the mountain road with a fleet of tow trucks.

    You don’t mention how old you are, but if you are really feeling some kind of profound weakness after ejaculating, you might consider seeing a TCM doctor (acupuncturist/chinese herbalist) to check your health.

    Do you do any other qigong practices? Your description of 'weakness' makes me suggust you consider adding ‘standing qigong’ [ zhan zhuang ] to your practice routine. You can find virtually all you need to know about it on the web, or you can get one of Kam Chuen Lam’s books second hand for a few dollars or watch his BBC video on youtube All you do is stand there in one of the positions – like ‘wu chi’ or ‘holding the ball/embracing the tree’ and breathe in and out to your lower dan tien. Over time it will really strengthen you – tonify your kidneys - and it will increase your grounding and rooting giving you a firm foundation to do the sexual practices.

    Good luck!
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      Sat, June 2, 2012 - 11:47 AM
      Thank for your response Alchemy !

      I know, waht most people consider as the ne Million Dollar Point is not worth even 50 cents.
      Because if you press it to really correctly , you just block the sperm and later on it goes out while urinating.
      But Taoist say, if you really press it correctly....the sperm will not be only will be reabsorbed and can give
      you a lot of strengh.
      I know, the best was is just to do taostic practises of sexual-transmutation.
      But that is not so easy.......

      I know 99 % of men have no idea about Taoistic practises and just masturbate probably several times
      a week. I just dont know, how they can handle it, but to me it feels not good at all.

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