If there was one technique? Confused

topic posted Wed, October 27, 2010 - 5:31 PM by  Kevin
Hi all. I did PM Alchemy for help. I'm confused. I have two books
1. KamaSutra Tantra The Multi-Orgasmic Man
2. Taoist Secrets of Love - Cultivating Male Sexual Energy

I've heard numerous mentions of numerous books. I've read all about the microcosmic orbit and every single thing I read on "how to do it" is completely different. Breath in, expand belly, breathe out and draw energy up spine. Then Breathe in, and do a kegel and draw energy up the spine.

My goal is to be able to
1. Do the microcosmic orbit to "feel" this energy everyone talks about
2. Have full body orgasms and or non ejaculatory orgasms.

1. Can someone please explain, in toddlers language how exactly to do the MCO?
2. Which of the 2 books I have is the better one to read?
3. Or is there a better simpler book? I don't really care to read 200 pages on Chinese history. I prefer more of a "practice this to do this" approach.

I know there's no shortcuts, but I've never been able to move energy. I've tried in the past, nothing happens. I could however do deep breathing while meditating and make my body literally disappear within 5 minutes.

What do you suggest for someone that is thoroughly confused by all of this. I mean "big draw" "MCO" this and that. Can anybody simplify this please?

Thanks, Kevin
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  • how to do the microcosmic orbit

    Wed, October 27, 2010 - 9:57 PM
    once the orbit is open, you just put your attention on any point and move the energy with your attention - around the loop. like pushing a wooden toy train around a track with one finger. no breathing, no body posture, no statue, no book. I just try to feel each part of my body as the energy goes by. I usually takes me something like 3 to 8 seconds to do a loop. I can do it almost anytime, under almost any circumstances at the drop of a hat. Its easier if you have your tongue touching the roof of your mouth.

    This is because my orbit is open. Took me something like 4 months of mostly daily practice to get it open - in 1988. I had a friend who took over a year. Seen some people who get it the first time.

    The trick is to "open" the orbit. There are a million (?) techniques to "open" the orbit. Once it is open, you don't need the techniques any more. The breath is to help out. The muscles are to help out. Those are all like 'training wheels.' or 'crutches' or 'splints'

    "you do the breathing in, you do the breathing out, you do the breathing in and you shake it all about." <hokey pokey joke>

    If you have certain kinds of energy imbalance, or energy deficit, or <something something> you may not feel the energy move, or there may be spots (like down the front) where you can't feel it. The more you do it - which is very healing - the more it helps you to heal and the more you are likely to feel. Sometimes you have a bunch of healing to do - all the energy gets soaked up at a hurt spot - so you can't feel anything.

    What I've seen a lot of is that people don't know what feeling to look for, so they think nothing is happening because they don't feel lightning bolts or angels singing or its not like a coke commercial <joke>. It can be a little tiny feeling - like one drop of water moving slowly down a pipe. it might have a color. it might have a temperature. it might have a texture. or it might feel like 'nothing' - like "right here is suddenly empty/nothing and I can move that empty/nothing spot all along this meridian."

    Here is an easy starting point: relax everything. rub your palms together until they are warm and/or shake your hands for 10 or 15 seconds, imagine they are getting warm. then hold them about 2 to 4 inches apart, palms facing each other, hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, etc etc relaxed.. Move them very slowly closer together, then very slowly apart - like move them 1/2 inch slowly closer then 1/2 inch further apart. Notice any kind of feeling between your hands - sticky feeling or thick feeling (like moving hands thru water) or like two small magnets pushing each other apart or something stretching or something compressing between your hands. maybe you'll feel the most at the center of your palms. It can be a little tiny feeling, very soft, very gentle. Whatever that feeling is that you feel & notice - that is your qi - and its the right feeling to have. You aren't supposed to have some other feeling, the one you got, that is the right one. you might be able to make a ball [of qi] or feel a ball [of qi] between your hands. or make a spiral [of qi] or feel a spiral [of qi.]

    When I teach, virtually everyone says "what? that? that's my qi? oh, gee, I thought ... never mind. I've always felt that."

    I've been taught a lot of methods of opening the orbit, I'll look to see if I have a write up of the one I like.
  • Book recommendation

    Thu, October 28, 2010 - 5:10 PM
    I recommend the out of print "Taoist Secrets of Love - cultivating male sexual energy". The book is not without its flaws and I wish he would revise it and bring it up to date. Its $6 or $7 used. The women's book- "cultivating female sexual energy" is really good - you'll find out that almost all the practices are exactly the same - allowing for the differences in bodies.

    Multi-orgasmic books don't include activating the cervical pump at C1 (top cervical verterbra), and they really gloss over a lot. I think they are good books, but are not so much about the taoist practices - which they greatly simplify.

    I recommend people learn the un-aroused practices first - testicle breathing. Once you learn how to do it, you: inhale, lift your testes and the energy rises. All the rest is to get you going. The microcosmic orbit has to be open so that the energy has a clean pipe to move through.

    Master Chia doesn't teach the deer exercise per se, but he does give a variant "warming the stove" (p236). I try to do the deer exercise every day.

    I think I've read almost every book on Taoist sex practices in English. Mostly they teach the deer exercise and possibly the million dollar point and the thrusting patterns.
    • Re: Book recommendation

      Fri, October 29, 2010 - 5:11 PM
      Do people involved in this stuff, like yourself realize how overwhelming it is to noobs? I mean the book, I have it, is like 300 pages. I wish there was a condensed version for the Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. people like myself. Anyhow, I did start with the testicle breathing last night. I have to get my head in gear hear and dedicate at least 1 hour per night to this practice so it becomes routine. I do appreciate your help man, I wish I continued with the Robert Bruce stuff (full body circuit) and tactile imaging and all of that, which I use to be into. At one point, I could actually feel the energy and although I'm healthy as far as body fat and weight, I have to quit smoking and get off sugar completely. I don't drink, don't do caffeine, I do mostly raw diet, but I do eat meat, run 2 miles a day but something is holding me back, probably the smoking. I have a real rough time feeling energy. Sucks being in a skin and bone suit. I get very frustrated reading of the joys others have. I was very good at meditating at one point. Breathing down to 3 breaths per minute. Body basically gone. Then we had a child and everything went to hell.
      • Re: Book recommendation

        Fri, October 29, 2010 - 5:14 PM
        Alchemy, thanks for that. Any books you recommend on the MCO or does the cultivating male sexual energy go over that?

        Are you recommending the MCO opened before I resume the testicle breathing?

        Thanks again.
        • Re: Book recommendation

          Tue, November 2, 2010 - 1:09 PM
          >> Are you recommending the MCO opened before I resume the testicle breathing? <<

          I, personally, recommend a good MCO foundation before just about everything else. It's easy to get caught up in the desire to be doing the next-step. Particularly easy (at least for me) to get caught up in the desire to get my cock in my hand for some "spiritual work". Let it go.

          My advice: use all this learning as an awareness-exercise about the nature of your desire for "more knowledge". I personally think the universe has made it look overwhelming for a reason: as you're learning to control your sexual desire, you're also learning to control your knowledge-desire.

          It's very, very hard to know all this shit. And here was the big reveal for me: it's not *necessary* to know all this shit to achieve enlightenment. I experienced Samadhi for the first time this year and I can attest that my orbit is still a bit sluggish, my tai chi is still more staccato than I'd like, my Yoga is pretty bad (I can't even touch my toes), and I'm not floating the furniture with the power of my mind.

          It's your *intent* to learn that is golden. Try not to mix that up with an intent to achieve. They're different.

          My advice: *purposefully* put some breaks on your desire. That'll help dampen that "overwhelmed" feeling. Pick a piece, a small piece (the MCO!), and agree with yourself to focus just on that piece for a good chunk of time. Like maybe 6 months. That's an excellent self-discipline exercise.

          There's no sense hurrying the learning. My personal experience is that learning "more" is not helpful to fulfillment. It's just the dedication to learning and growing in the first place.

          My $.02

          P.S. And once you're settled into the MO, I'd suggest you do the testicle breathing. Make it your reward for the discipline with the orbit.
        • Re: Book recommendation

          Tue, November 2, 2010 - 2:06 PM
          yes, its easiest to move the energy thru the pipes if you know the pipes are clear. But you can work on both together - "today I'm going to work on a couple of points on my orbit for 20 minutes and then I'm going to do 10 minutes of testicle breating."

          You can use the out-of-print 'Awaken Healing Energy" book. The current books are (IMHO) far too complex, even for me.
      • overwhelming?

        Fri, October 29, 2010 - 6:24 PM
        Yes, it is overwhelming. Very.

        I heard Master Chia say (20+ years ago) that he thought people would read the books and learn the practices. What he learned was that people read the books and then found an instructor and took a one day class. I don't know where you are in Massachusetts, but there are a bunch of teachers in the greater Boston area. That was where I originally learned - my main instructor, Marie, is still teaching in Concord & Somerville.

        Master Chia's books tend to be like encyclopedias - full of information but hard to read. They have gotten much better in the past few years.

        Here is simple: You can just breathe in & raise your testes and feel the breath moving up your spine to your crown taking the energy with it from your testes. Look for a very small cool feeling - right at the center of your spinal cord - like a thread of silk from a spider web, deep in the center of your spine. The energy is thick - not as thick as honey - not as thin as heavy cream.

        There is very little 'imagining' and very little 'visualizing' in the Tao - what you want to do is put your attention on <some location> in your body and notice what you notice, see whatever you see (usually nothing at first), and feel whatever you feel (often nothing at first).

        Opening the MCO makes it all simpler - you are trying to 'pump' your sexual energy up your spine. First, you want to make sure there is nothing "clogging the pipe" (spine), second if you can move the energy in your orbit, well, now you accomplished a huge amount! You can feel at least one kind of energy, you can tell what two meridians (pipes) feel like and where they are, and you can use your intention to move energy. You can more or less do them at the same time - opening the orbit & doing the testicle breathing.

        When you get to the aroused energy ("big draw"), you can't leave the energy in your head for too long, so you have to bring it down - easiest is down the front - which is the front half of the MCO>

        FWIW Taoists (and Chinese) are not big on raw diets which can be excessively cooling and lead to imbalance. Many Taoists are not necessarily vegetarian - just don't eat too much of any one thing - stay in balance.

        As far as I can tell you are quite lucky to 'be in a skin and bones suit." The Taoists believe its the level at which you can do the most with energy and if you don't get to a certain point while you have a body you have to come back to do it again. And don't worry <joke coming up> you'll be dead soon enough.

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